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John Vorhaus - The Albuquerque Turkey

  • A picture named albuquerqueTurkeyCover.jpgAt the start of Vorhaus's entertaining sequel to The California Roll, grifter Radar Hoverlander, who's been trying to fly beneath the radar and turn over a new leaf in Santa Fe, N.Mex., intervenes in a domestic dispute he overhears on the street, using a clever ruse to stop an armed, drugged-out man from harming his wife and young daughter. The posting of these heroics on YouTube brings back into Radar's life his estranged con man father, Woody, who walked out on the family when Radar was eight. Interested in more than just repairing strained family ties, Woody needs his son's help, having taken ,000 from a Las Vegas casino boss in exchange for steering a nonexistent wealthy Saudi prince to that boss's operation.
  • John is an interesting guy, he works on situation comedy shows from this states in foreign markets, and is a skilled poker player. He talks to us from, where else, his hotel room in Las Vegas
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